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With the internet there are now many different options to locate a cheap shower enclosure. If you visit a few bathroom showrooms you will quickly realise that prices can fluctuate massively from around 100 up to over 1000. Typically, cheap showers will lack certain higher grade features and utilise cheaper materials to realise that lower price tag.

For example, a cheap shower enclosure will not come with features such as an overhead rainfall shower, built-in shower on handrail, copper mixing taps, hydromassage back jets or thermostatic mixer valve. Other price cutting techniques will revolve around the quality of materials used and the thickness of the material. A cheap shower may use 4mm tempered glass with a thin acrylic surround. Whereas, a more expensive shower may use 6-10mm tempered safety glass and a high grade acrylic with several layers of fibreglass reinforcement. The finished product will often drastically vary in both its sturdiness and weight.

Having said this, great deals and cheap showers are everywhere to be found. If you search hard enough then you can sometimes stumble upon luxury showers at a cheap price. The following points will give you some ideas about how to locate a cheap shower for your bathroom. Do your research first and then decide upon a realistic budget that can achieve the finish you desire.

online retailers

The internet has revolutionised the retail industry. It has forced prices down and meant that high street retailers must offer a better service at a cheaper price. The bathroom and shower sector is no different. Online retailers often have lower overheads by eliminating showroom costs and reducing workforce numbers. This means that the final sale price is slashed.

Therefore, search the internet for a cheap shower as you may find you get the exact same product found in a showroom but with a huge discount. Online retailers will provide a much larger selection of cheap shower enclosures. Make sure you thoroughly research the retailer and the guarantee that is provided. Pay careful attention to retailers you find through a search engine's "sponsored links/sites" as these sites pay to be at the top of the search engine and can then go out of business due to the high cost of maintaining this paid advertising. A company, for example Di Vapor, ranks high in the search engines in the natural results.

retail sales

At certain times of the year both online and offline retailers will try to increase the sale of certain stock items by having a sale. Popular sale periods include a January Sale, Spring Sale, Summer Sale and Autumn Sale. There can be big savings to be made off the price you otherwise would have paid.

If you see a sale then make a note of the price of the cheap shower and ask the retailer to match this price when you make your order. Many retailers will match their previously lower price to guarantee a sale. Online retailers tend to have tighter profit margins so may give smaller discounts to retail stores that tend to have larger 30-40%+ profit margins.

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ex-display items

If you find a retailer with a shower range that you love then contact the retailer and ask if they have any ex-display showers available. Another great way to get a cheap shower is to visit any exhibitions where the retailer is exhibiting. The retailer may be happy to sell off the display models at close to break-even.

These display models are often as good as new, never having been used for showering and with only minor scuffs. This is a great way to buy a cheap shower where both you and the retailer mutually benefit. Online auction sites such as Ebay are also great places to search for ex-display, cheap showers.

end-of-line showers

Both online and offline retailers will change their shower range from time-to-time. When an item is being discontinued the retailer will often want to shift the remaining stock quickly. This means that big discounts may be available and the retailer may be open to better offers.

If you can find an end-of-line shower then you may be able to achieve break-even or better than break-even prices. Alternatively, if you are happy to do a bit of repair work to the shower yourself then damaged products will often be sold off at a loss to the retailer, resulting in the best value for money when buying a cheap shower.